Wičhóoyake kiη aglí—They Bring the Stories Back:

Connecting Lakota Wild West Performers to Pine Ridge Community Histories

Arthur Amiotte, One Cow (1999)


Please feel free to contact either of the project Co-Directors if you have photos, items, or stories from your family members that participated in Wild West shows that you would like to share with the community and keep their legacy alive for future generations.


  • Valerie Janis, Archivist, Woksape Tipi Library & Archives, Oglala Lakota College. 605-455-6065. vjanis@olc.edu
  • Douglas Seefeldt, Associate Professor of History and Director, Digital History Ph.D. program, Clemson University. Senior Digital Editor, The Papers of William F. Cody. 864-656-3153. wseefel@clemson.edu